Regular Tango group lessons with Carlos & Mirella

Carlos & Mirella teach regular tango group lessons 3 days a week, for 2 different dance schools in The Netherlands.

The group lessons on Tuesday evening in Delft are organized by Dansschool Wesseling. The group lessons on Wednesday and Thursday evening in The Hague are organized by dance school: Alma de Tango. The schedule of the group lessons and levels can be found below here. You can exclusively register for a group lesson via the website of the dance school in question. Of course we would love to help and advise you, so feel free to contact us!

Are you interested in Private lessons with Carlos & Mirella, visit the page: private lessons or fill in the request form, or send us an email via

See you soon on the dance floor!


Tuesday evening | Buitenwatersloot 327, Delft
19:00-20:00 Argentine Tango Beginners 1
20:05-21:05 Argentine Tango Intermediate
21:10-22:10 Argentine Tango Advanced


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Wednesday evening | Koningin Emmakade 133, The Hague
18:45-19:45 Argentine Tango Beginners 1
20:00-21:00 Argentine Tango Beginners 2
21:15-22:15 Argentine Tango Advanced

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ArgentinE Tango Delft

Thursday evening | Buitenwatersloot 327, Delft
20:00-21:00 Argentine Tango Level 2 / Beginners 2
21:05-22:05 Argentine Tango Improvers 

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