Brazil #1

Hi everyone!

After a good but long trip we finally landed last Thursday morning very early in Guarulhos, Brazil!

Breakfast was waiting for us at Joao’s father’s home and after that we couldn’t resist going to the beach to drink some fresh coco’s and enjoy the morning sunshine of the day! We did a round in the city, changed our money for Brazilian Real and went home for lunch.

In the evening we went to visit the mother and sister of Joao and at zeven o’clock  Mirella already fell a sleep hihi. The time difference came in like a bomb!

Friday it was very misty everywhere, but still the temperature was good, so we went for a walk and off course some fresh coco’s! (they are sooooo delicious!) That night Brazil was playing against Colombia so we went to a local bar together with Joao’s mother and his 2 aunts and yes we won! It was a big party everywhere on the street with fireworks, honking cars and lots of happy people.

Saturday we celebrated the birthday of Ivan, the brother of Joao. All family was there and there was a big barbecue with lots and lots of meet and in the night we went for a drink together with Ivan and his girlfriend. And off course we watched the football game of Holland!

Sunday morning it was a very sunny day, no clouds in the sky, so we hurried to the beach to take some sun and a dive in the sea before our workshops that midday. At 15:00 we gave our first workshop at Studio Contra-tempo witch the owner is an old student of Joao. She just moved to a new location with two rooms, very beautiful. We gave 2 workshops and had a lot of fun! The students where very enthusiastic and enjoyed tho lessons.  That night we went to another birthday party of a friend witch was held on the island Guaruja and to go there you need to take the Ferry to cross the water. It was a birthday party together with a regular dance night, so lots of dancing people, live forro band and lots of friends where present. We gave a little demo as present for the Alexandra and had a birthday dance like we know it.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Sao Paulo and stay there for a few days to do some shopping, sight seeing and take some samba lessons. We heard yesterday that there is a samba congress these days in Sao Paulo so we are going there with some other teachers and friend!

Well… This is it for now. We are going to the city for some delicious pasteis

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