Dancing tango in The Hague

Dancing tango in The Hague

Learn to dance the tango from the talented dance couple Carlos & Mirella! This unique dance couple achieved second place in the Everybody Dance Now dance competition, which was broadcast on RTL4. With their energetic and dynamic appearance, they provide every audience with an unforgettable dance experience. What could be nicer than learning the tango from these two professionals? You can dance tango in The Hague and surroundings together with Carlos and Mirella!

Why learn to dance tango from Carlos & Mirella?

The tango is a passionate dance that requires practice. Therefore let yourself be accompanied by two talented and experienced dancers who effortlessly drag you into the atmosphere of the tango. The couple is very energetic and dynamic and is also the only dance couple in the Netherlands that really show. This ensures that a lesson that you get from this couple is unique, personal and unforgettable. At whatever level you start, you too can learn to dance the tango!

A versatile dance couple

Carlos and Mirella cannot only be booked for tango lessons. The dance couple also likes to show off their skills at events! For example, are you organizing a corporate event, staff party or wedding? Then you can book Carlos and Mirella for the following purposes:

More information

Are you enthusiastic about how Carlos and Mirella work and do you want to register for a lesson? This is possible directly via the registration form! You can also call +31 (0) 6 18 50 29 26 or complete the contact form. Learn to dance the tango in The Hague and surroundings from Carlos and Mirella and be surprised by the unprecedented talent of the dance couple!

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