About Carlos & Mirella Santos David

Carlos & Mirella are partners both on the dance floor as in life. They have been together for over 10 years and have been happily married for 5 years. Together they strive for perfection in their dance & their company and they are constantly pushing themselves beyond their limits. Their motto is: 'As a dancer you never stop learning'! The couple is known and loved for their elegance, subtlety and musical finesse as well as their spectacular and breathtaking shows. The upcoming European star couple enthuses tango lovers around the world with their natural, humorous and well-structured way of teaching.

The joint career starts for Carlos and Mirella in 2011 when they decide to work together. With the technical background of Mirella, who has graduated from Dance Academia and Carlos's years of experience abroad, they form a dance couple that complements each other in all areas.

Every year Carlos & Mirella fly to Buenos Aires, the heart of the Tango to study together, but also to represent the Netherlands on the World Championships that are held once a year in Argentina. It was after years of hard training that in 2016 they were the very first Dutch couple ever to represent the Netherlands in the Final of this world Championships for which only 40 couples from around the world are selected from the tough preliminaries with hundreds of couples. And it didn't stop at that one time. For 4 consecutive years: 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019, Carlos & Mirella have the honor to represent the Netherlands in the finals! But not only in Argentina do Carlos & Mirella represent the Netherlands. They also won the necessary titles in Europe:

* First Place: UK London Tango Championship 'Tango Stage' 2018

* First Place: Official European Tango Championship 'Tango de Pista' 2017

* First Place: UK London Tango Championship 'Tango de Pista' 2017

* First Place: German Tango Championship 'Tango de Pista' 2016

The success at the competitions didn’t stay unknown and soon Carlos & Mirella were flown in for workshops and shows abroad on Tango Festivals & Events. For example, they performed with no one less than Andrea Bocelli at the Antwep Stadium in 2018 and were invited to perform with Andrea Bocelli for the second time in 2020 for shows in Paris & Antwerp. They were also invited several times to judge for Tango competitions such as in Italy, Germany and Russia. 

You might also know Carlos & Mirella from Dutch Television. In 2015, they became second during the program "Everybody Dance Now" on RTL4 and they were in the final of the TV program "Time To Dance" in 2018.

To date, Carlos & Mirella are very active in The Netherlands and abroad, and they often travel around the world to teach workshops and give shows at Tango Festivals and Events. In The Netherlands you can take regular group classes with them on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings and of course also private classes. In addition, the couple continues to develop and they always strive for 'more' & 'better'!