Argentina #1

Hello friends,

Here a little trip report from our first week in Buenos Aires! we landed last week Saturday and luckily we where a bit prepared for the weather changing, because it was not that warm as in Brazil…

The owner of our apartment was waiting for us at our new house for the coming 5 weeks. ‘Klein maar fijn’ we tell in Dutch haha. It has a large bedroom, a kitchen with a dinner table and a nice bathroom with bath.

Of course there was nothing to eat or to drink because we needed to do groceries, but because it was late and everything was closed already, we went out in search for a bar. We didn’t need to go far, because two block from our new home everything was still alive! Lots of bars, music and people on the streets. There was even a Milonga literally in front of home!

The next morning there was no time for relaxing because we had our first private class in Estudio Mario Marles, witch was 3 minutes walking from home. Eactually… the whole week was already full with lessons and we also rented the studio a couple of times to train, so we where quit busy. Besides that we where running around to find a good tailor to make a dress for Mirella, a new suit and shoes for Carlos for the Mundial, changing our Dollars for Peso, subscribing for the competition and of course dancing at night!

Last Sunday we finally had the whole day to be tourist. All Sundays there is a really big market in San Telmo, you can see it on the pictures below here. So we started at the very beginning and walked all the market. And they sell all kind of thing! Some things where really touristic, while other things where really beautiful and hand made. And of course not to forget: the dancers and musicians you see, dancing and playing on the streets. After the market we went to the district ‘la Boca’, to see the football stadium La Bombonera. The stadium is owned by Boca Juniors, one of Argentina’s most famous football clubs. After some pictures and a round we went on to ‘El Caminito’,  (‘little walkway’ or ‘little path’ in Spanish) which was named for a popular tango song.  It is a street museum and a traditional alley full of tango, music, artists and collared houses.  After nice drink we took the bus home and got ready to go out to dance.

The first qualification rounds of the Mundial will be from 18 till 21 August, so fingers crossed!

Big Hugs,
Carlos & Mirella

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