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The Argentine Tango is an improvisational dance. A dance where leading and following are central. A dance that stimulates the creativity of the dancers. You will also find these elements in business. Lead, receive and improvise when necessary. As you read, the Argentine Tango lends itself perfectly to Teambuilding Workshop for companies! Read more about the possibilities here!



The Argentine Tango is an improvisational dance. A dance where leading and following are central. A dance that the
stimulates creativity of the dancers. You will also find these elements in business.
Lead, receive and improvise when necessary. As you can read, the Argentine Tango is perfect for Teambuilding Workshops!


Tijdens de Tango Teambuilding workshop leren collega’s op een andere manier communiceren met elkaar. During the Tango Teambuilding workshop, colleagues learn to communicate with each other in a different way. They learn to improve their interactive skills through the follow and leader game in the Argentine tango. During this workshop they will become aware of how they can communicate with each other and they will soon discover that leadership in the tango is not about forcing, but about inviting! And that following is not just about ‘following’, but about active listening and responding at the right time. Because ‘It takes 2 to Tango’ is about harmony, 2 people who have to move as 1 by actively and sincerely listening to each other and being able to receive and give feedback!

Besides being educational, the workshop is also a lot of fun! Everyone gets into motion, everyone changes roles between leading and following and team members get to know each other in a completely different way in a relaxed environment.

Curious about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us.
Optionally, the Tango team building workshop can be supplemented with a spectacular performance by Carlos and Mirella during your event! The duration, theme and content of the workshop can be fully tailored to your wishes. We are happy to help you with questions and send you a non-binding quote if desired.

Customers who book us:

- “The secret of tango is in this moment of improvisation that happens between step and step. It is to make the impossible thing possible: to dance silence.”


European Champions 'Tango de Pista'
Only couple to represent the Netherlands in the finals during the world championships in Buenos Aires.
Known from various T.V programs.
Dancers for Andrea Bocelli.
Active nationally & internationally!
Private & Group Lessons in the Netherlands

Absolutely the best Tango Teachers you can find in NL!

Vicky Chan 2 November, 2022

Carlos et Mirella est un couple extraordinaire tant pour leur talent de danseur que pour leur pédagogie dans les cours et leur sympathie. De grands maestro de tango !


I've traveled quite a lot and lived in different cities. I love tango and anywhere I go I search for the best teachers I can find, with the years I became very demanding about who I choose to learn from. Mirella and Carlos are the absolute best I found in the Netherlands, extremely professional, impeccable technique and committed to their dance but above all, eager to communicate and teach. Learning from them is a privilege and a treat.

Ruben Dorado 14 July, 2022

I took so many private/master classes with Carlos and Mirella. And every single one I got more out of it than I had hoped for. Whether it was about overall technique, musicality, specific figures, competitions or even a whole escenario choreography we developed with them. Whatever I needed, they provided and then some. They are - and always were - my reference when it comes to professionalism in tango. Thank you so much for everything!


Een adembenemend optreden! Wereldklasse! Superlatieven schieten te kort. Ga het zelf ervaren en boek ze voor je event, je jubileum, je feest of zomaar. Het is meer dan de moeite waard.... Willem Vreeswijk, Utrecht

Willem Vreeswijk 1 November, 2021

Professional approach, proactive thinking, great people to work with!


Wat een prachtige dansers, de passie spat ervan af! Ontroerend mooi.

Alma Uitvaartzorg 25 March, 2021

The best tango maestros in NL.

Walter Huijten 19 December, 2020

Incredibly talented as dancers, wonderful as teachers... lovely as people. My "go to" people for tango lessons... I confess I get distracted when I see them dance: I get lost in admiring them dancing, so much so that I forget I was looking for some detail, or move ;)

João Baptista 21 August, 2020

Voor mijn verjaardag kreeg ik van mijn man tangolessen van Carlos en Mirella. Wat een prachtig cadeau! Deskundig, geduldig en met humor hebben zij ons de beginselen van de Argentijnse tango geleerd. Aanrader!

Nicole Boertien 4 January, 2020

For the opening dance of our wedding, my wife and I wanted to dance a real Tango to our most favorite Tango. We sought the help of Carlos and Mirella to teach us how to properly dance such an intimidating and daunting routine. We have a few years of dance experience, but never danced a proper tango before. After a few lessons, Carlos and Mirella taught us the most amazing Tango completely customized based on our own experience in dancing and the time left before our wedding. It amazed us to see how they managed to change the routine based on a quick estimate of whether a certain move, or pose, was achievable for us in the time we had until the wedding. This gave us much confidence and trust that we would have enough time to practice and prepare our dance. The end-result of the lessons we had: an (in our opinion at least) fairly complex routine which absolutely blew our guests away, and to give a quote which we heard a lot that evening: “I have never seen any couple do an opening dance like that, beautiful!” Aside from being great teachers, Carlos and Mirella are great people. We felt very much at-ease while practicing with them and from the first moment we met them we felt like we knew them for a longer period of time then just a an hour. This has been very important to us as having a good connection with your teachers is important to learn quickly. Aside from that they are very patient, kind and professional. We can only say that if you are thinking about reaching out to Carlos and Mirella for anything related to what they can offer? Do it for sure… you will not be disappointed! Carlos, Mirella, thank you so much for everything you have done for us! You have given us an unforgettable experience at our wedding, and a lot of fun leading up to the day itself.

Jasper van de Kerkhof 23 December, 2019

Voor een groot bedrijfsevenement heb ik Carlos en Mirella geboekt. Alleen maar lovende reacties van de bezoekers gekregen. Een prachtig intermezzo van diner was het.

HotTown Music 2 December, 2019
Wendy Lazaroms 7 November, 2019
Alette Hooijer 18 September, 2019

Om ons verjaardagsfeestje, het 10-jarig bestaan van El Centra, extra luister te geven konden we rekenen op Carlos en Mirella. En dat was een schot in de roos. De workshop Tango Wals was in no time uitverkocht en de deelnemers waren laaiend enthousiast. Tijdens de demo toonden Carlos en Mirella het beste van zichzelf. Ze hadden al veel fans in België en daar zijn nu beslist nog een heleboel bijgekomen. Het was een plezier om hen bij ons te gast te hebben en dat zal zeker niet voor het laatst zijn. Gracias cariiños.

Vera Rubben 17 September, 2019

Metódicos e atenciosos. Fizeram-nos uma dança de casamento bastante completa em apenas algumas sessões. Não os conhecíamos bem mas ficamos logo à vontade com eles. São uns excelentes professores e têm atenção ao detalhe.

Ricardo Castro 23 June, 2019

Lieve mensen, zeer veel kennis en kunde en nog wel het belangrijkste ze geven op een hele fijne manier les! Wij hebben binnen 3 weken een volledige tango ingestudeerd. Dank voor de tijd, het enthousiasme en de energie die jullie in ons (wij hadden geen dans ervaring) hebben gestopt. We hebben er echt van genoten!!!


Carlos and Mirella amazed us and our friends with their kind warmth, teaching skills, great professionalism and the unparalleled beauty of their performance!

C NYGREN 13 April, 2019

O melhor lugar para Tango na Europa!!!

Juliano Andrade 6 February, 2019

Ik heb Carlos en Mirella uitgenodigd voor het vijfjarig jubileum van mijn bedrijf AdminXper. Zij hebben hier een dansclinic verzorgd en ook een geweldige demonstratie gegeven. Voor iedereen was dit echt heel bijzonder en ik krijg nog steeds complimenten voor dit geweldige feest. Het was heel makkelijk om afspraken te maken en zij hebben alles echt super professioneel verzorgd. Heel veel complimenten dus voor dit team!! Ik kan hun dus echt aanraden en ben altijd bereid om dit bijvoorbeeld ook telefonisch toe te lichten!!

Wubbo Staal 12 November, 2018

Ongeveer vijf weken voor onze bruiloft kregen we het idee om als openingsdans een Argentijnse tango op te voeren. Carlos en Mirella reageerden direct op onze mail en al snel konden we de lessen inplannen. Carlos en Mirella waren heel flexibel en hebben ons geholpen met een fantastische choreografie. Ze zijn professioneel, kundig, geduldig en heel lief! We hebben genoten van onze lessen, wie weet krijgt dit een vervolg in de toekomst :-)

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“This was really special for everyone and I still get compliments for this great party.

- Wubbo Staal

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