Brazil #2

Hi Friends!

We hope everybody is doing oké over there. Here we had some small changes of plans.

Last week Tuesday we where suppose to go to Sao Paulo, but the weather was not working together with us.. It was raining and quit windy so we decided to not go to Sao Paulo because shopping in the rain is not so much fun.

Instead of that, we took the offer of the brother of Joao to spend a few days in his beach house in Maresias that he is renting for the year. But before we forget, last week Monday we went out for dinner and the most amazing shushi!

So last  Wednesday, although the weather was still not very good, we went to Maresias. Only the trip on itself was already worth it to go there! We drove passing the coast and saw a lot of beautiful beaches and nature. When we arrived, the house was amazing! A big vila with four rooms, a big garden and a swimming pool! The weather was unsure… Little bit of rain, little bit of sun, some clouds… But for Joao that didn’t matter because the waves where perfect to surf. He could spend easy three hours inside the water with his surfboard.

Thursday we went to explore the city a bit, had a drink in one of the beach bars, did some groceries and in the night we had a nice barbecue in the garden with home made caipirinha! We also brought the game ‘Kolonisten van Catan’ so we enjoyed our self’s a lot. From Friday on, the weather became much better and we could really enjoy this beautiful beach in Maresias.

On Saturday the father of Joao, Meggie and his aunt Joana came to join us for a few days! So we went to the beach, had barbecue again, eat ice creams and watched the football games together.

Monday morning we went back by car and made a pit stop at the most amazing beaches! We had lunch in a small fishing village and late in the afternoon we arrived back in Santos. In the night we went to vised AeroDanca, the school where we will give workshops next week and after that we went to a small dancing places called indivudual.

It’s not a lot, but look the pictures and we think they will speak for them self.
Big hugs,

Carlos & Mirella

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