Brazil #3

Olá People!

We are enjoying our last days here in Brazil. Coming Saturday we will fly to Buenos Aires!
We had all the week beautiful weather, so we where spending quit some time on the beach and making long walks.

Specialy at night its really nice to make a beach walk after dinner, feeling the water on your feet, hearing the waves and feeling the wind.

Well, Joao really wanted to go to see the new movie of Transformers, so last week Wednesday we went to the cinema. We found out that on Mondays & Wednesdays you go to the movies for half the price hihi. So thats like €3,- for a ticket! And the popcorn here… hmmmm delicious!

On Saturday we where booked for a show in Aerodanca where we also would give 2 workshops the day after, on Sunday. It was a very nice party and we also celebrated the anniversary of the owner of the place. So there was a hugeeeee chocolate cake! The show went well and everybody was very enthusiastic, lots of compliments. The next day we came back for the workshops. Two workshops of two hours.

Tuesday we decided to go to Sao Paulo. We went together with the Sister of Joao, Luciana. Mirella really wanted to buy some fabrics to bring to Argentina to make her a new dress. Luckily Luciana new exactly where we needed to go and mission was more than complete! The results you will see in the form of a beautiful dress.

Wednesday was a lazy lazy day… Lovely! The sun was very nice and Mirella just took a beach chair and sat all the morning in the sun in the garden. After lunch we rented the movie planed of the apes, because in the night we wanted to go to the cinema again to the new movie ‘dawn of the planet of the apes, but Mirella never saw the first part.

Today (Thursday), It was a very hot, but clouded day. After waking up very, very slowly we went to lunch in the city and after we were walking until it was time to go home for dinners. Joao made a wonderful pasta with Gorgonzola for dinner and after dinner we made again a beach walk so the foot could go down a bit…

Tomorrow its time to pack the bags, wash the last clothes, print the tickets and get ready for Argentina!
Saturday a last early lunch with family and then the next trip report will be live from Buenos Aires!
Good night, Hugs
Carlos & Mirella

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