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A Wedding Dance to Remember!Carlos en Mirella first Wedding Dance

Your wedding day is a special day to remember forever and a day where everything has to be right. A beautiful wedding dance cannot be missed! What more romantic than opening with a beautiful Argentinian Tango! Carlos & Mirella have taught many couples over the years and are happy to create together with you a first wedding dance to never forget!

How does it work? Every dance is carefully custom made to suit the couple’s ability, song, and wishes. You only have one first dance as a married couple and we will make sure you feel amazing on the dance floor. Through private lessons, you will learn a beautiful choreography in a relatively short time! The number of lessons required is different for everyone and depends, among other things, on your experience, wishes and how much you practice on your own. Don’t worry, even if you have never danced before, you are very welcome! We are also happy to advise the bride and groom in choosing music, clothing, etc.

What we offer:

  • Professional Teachers! 
  • A unique choreography custom made and based on your own chosen music
  • Private lessons. That means maximum attention
  • Possibility to film the choreography so you can easily practice at home
  • Flexible class times during the week and at the weekends
  • Classes always with 2 teachers

Dance workshop at your wedding

A dance workshop is a perfect way to get into the party mood! But it can also be a nice addition to keep your guests busy, for example, if you are going to take wedding photos. A workshop on your wedding day is a fun way to get everyone moving. During a dance workshop, Carlos & Mirella teach you the basic steps of the Argentine Tango in a fun and easy way. We can fully match the theme of the workshop (s) to your wishes. The duration of a workshop can vary from 30 minutes to 120 minutes and can be adjusted to your wishes!

Spectacular show

Would you rather not do the opening dance yourself, but still want something special? Or do you want to entertain your guests at your wedding with a spectacular show? You can book Carlos and Mirella for a spectacular and professional dance show. There are countless options! Clothing, duration, etc. can all be adjusted to your wishes and of course, we like to think along. Look for an impression at our videos and photos and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Live Orchestra

It is also possible to hire us in combination with live music. We work together with the Argentine tango orchestra: Trio Tangata. Consisting of 3 musicians and specialized in Argentine tango for many years. They can also be booked with a singer. A combination of music, song and dance together form the perfect interpretation for a romantic wedding. Trio Tangata and Carlos and Mirella together form the perfect match. With dance and live music, the Argentinian culture comes to life. A combination where musicians translate their heart into music and the dancers translate their music into dance! More about this can be read under: Live orchestra

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